Real Estate Wholesaling Done For You

This is a Done-For-You Service. You invest an upfront fee plus $497/month. AutoFlip let's you submit any number of qualified leads to us and within 1 business day

we will tell you exactly how to negotiate the deal, get the deal under contract, find the buyer for the deal, and get the deal to close,

or if you want....

we can do it all for you.

☑️ Deal analysis and breakdown of exact next steps within 1 Business day of lead submission

☑️ Your choice to partner with us on the lead and we can do all the steps for you

☑️ No contracts or long term commitments (you can cancel any time)

☑️ Weekly Q&A calls with Nathan Payne and Nathan Valle

☑️ Funding provided on deals you want to keep

How It Works

Submit Lead

Fill out a quick short form asking some basic information about the lead.

Done For You deal Breakdown

We send you a custom video giving a full breakdown

(ARV, Offer price, How to negotiate it, How to structure the offer, What to do next, etc.)

Option #1:

Follow the steps in Breakdown and Close Deal Yourself

Just follow the exact steps given and close the deal yourself!

Option #2:

Partner with Us & we do the whole thing for you

You sit back and we take care of all the steps for you!

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